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 seasonal projects 

Chanukah ambassador

Share a message of light and hope, and gift a Menorah to a friend. 

Hannoucca ambassadeur

Partage le message de la lumière, et offre offres une Ménorah a un ami.

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Passover ambassador

Share a message of freedom and self-actualization and gift Matzah to a friend.

 Year round Projects 

Tefillin Bank

Help other Jewish guys put on tefillin by acquiring your own pair. 

Study Torah

Delve into Torah's timeless wisdom with your personal Torah Buddy.

Love Your Fellow

“A soul enters this world for seventy or eighty years just to do a favor for another” —the Baal Shem Tov.

Family Purity

Infusing a Jewish marriage with mikvah and sanctity.

Shabbat Candles

Help other Jewish girls do the mitzvah of lighting shabbat candles by giving them their own set.


Making kindness a habit. Get a tzedakah box for you and gift to a friend for free.

Holy Books

Uplift a home with some Jewish books to learn from. Enjoy the benefit and growth one page at a time. 

Letter in the Torah

The Lubavitcher Rebbe proposed that all Jews join together by purchasing a letter in a “collective” Torah scroll, expressing our inherent unity. One nation, one Torah, one G‑d.


Share the mitzvah of Mezuzah with others with an easy-install kit and a card explaining the Mezuzah’s power

Kosher Home

Kosher's not all about lox or matzah ball soup, or food blessed by a rabbi. Kosher is the diet for the soul created by G-d.

Jewish Education

CTeenU's college accredited course offers teens a chance to engage in thoughtful, open discussion on happiness, faith, purpose, choices and freedom.

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