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 seasonal projects 

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Transform tishrei

Transform your chapter and
community this Tishrei

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Shavuot Ambassador

Share a message  of our inherent Jewish essence and gift a Shavuot kit to a friend.

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Chanukah ambassador

Share a message of light and hope, and gift a Menorah to a friend. 


Passover ambassador

Share a message of freedom and self-actualization and gift Matzah to a friend.

 Year round Projects 


Tefillin Bank

Help other Jewish guys put on tefillin by acquiring your own pair. 


Study Torah

Delve into Torah's timeless wisdom with your personal Torah Buddy.

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Love Your Fellow

“A soul enters this world for seventy or eighty years just to do a favor for another” —the Baal Shem Tov.


Family Purity

Infusing a Jewish marriage with mikvah and sanctity.


Shabbat Candles

Help other Jewish girls do the mitzvah of lighting shabbat candles by giving them their own set.



Making kindness a habit. Get a tzedakah box for you and gift to a friend for free.

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Holy Books

Uplift a home with some Jewish books to learn from. Enjoy the benefit and growth one page at a time. 


Letter in the Torah

The Lubavitcher Rebbe proposed that all Jews join together by purchasing a letter in a “collective” Torah scroll, expressing our inherent unity. One nation, one Torah, one G‑d.

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Share the mitzvah of Mezuzah with others with an easy-install kit and a card explaining the Mezuzah’s power


Kosher Home

Kosher's not all about lox or matzah ball soup, or food blessed by a rabbi. Kosher is the diet for the soul created by G-d.

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Jewish Education

CTeenU's college accredited course offers teens a chance to engage in thoughtful, open discussion on happiness, faith, purpose, choices and freedom.

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