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  • Q. Why be a Mitzvah Ambassador?
    The goal of this program is to spread the light and joy of Judaism wherever possible. Mitzvot are not limited to the synagogue, they're for everyone, everywhere! YOU can influence other Jewish teens.
  • Q. Does it cost money?
    Some of the mitzvot will require materials, but we will help you cover costs wherever possible. We offer subsidized mezuzahs, free candle lighting kits, and a limited number of scholarships for tefillin.
  • Q. How can I become a Mitzvah Ambassador?
    All teens from 9th to 12th grade are eligible to become ambassadors. In order to get started, go to our projects page to sign up, and then select which mitzvot you would like to be a part of.
  • Q. Where can I be a Mitzvah Ambassador?
    The beauty of the program is that you can be an ambassador wherever you go! You can make house calls, get involved at your school, at malls or nursing homes, it's up to you!
  • Q. What is the difference between "seasonal" and "year-round"?"
    Our "Seasonal" projects consist of mitzvot only done during a certain time. For example: Transform Chanukah only happens during the Chanukah season since the mitzvah of lighting the menorah is only done then. Our "Year-Round" projects consist of mitzvot done year round. For example, every day (excluding Shabbat and Festivals) boys put on teffilin.
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